Do you avoid Touching Door Handles? We hate Touching Bathroom Door Handles!


I've personally avoided touching bathroom door handles since I was a kid. In fact, I used to wash my hands so much that the skin on my knuckles would get dry and cracked. Eventually my parents made me start asking permission to wash my hands. While that may have curbed my obsession, it didn't solve the problem. I wasn't wrong to assume that most people don't wash their hands when they use the bathroom. I don't wash my hands nearly as much anymore, and that's partially because of a little device I came up with a few years ago.



When I started looking around public bathrooms, I noticed that businesses often put a trash can right next to the door. When they didn't have a trash can, there was usually a small pile of paper towels tossed into the corner. I had used paper towels to open door handles before, and I knew other people felt the same way. When I asked around, I got a definite yes. I wasn't the only one.



Subway Strap Touch-Free Device 



While inventing the Gryp, we did a lot of research on whether it makes sense to avoid touching door handles. An interesting study that I read from NPR talked about a group of researchers that found a plethora of nasty germs in the public bathrooms that they tested. 





They found 19 different types of bacteria around bathrooms in Boulder, Colorado. The germs were virtually everywhere inside the public restrooms, including commonly touched surfaces. So many people hate touching bathroom door handles and avoid touching door handles when they're out in public. There are plenty of studies to back these tendencies up. 






Imagine having a small, sanitary device with you the next time you're in a dirty gas station bathroom. Maybe they're out of paper towels, too. Or when you're riding the subway and can see the grime built up on the strap you'll be holding for an hour. Sometimes simple tools make life easier, and we hope the Gryp can help you in your daily life.






Next time you avoid touching a bathroom door handle, or hold onto a used subway strap, remember that the Gryp offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's reusable, washable, and made of silicone that inherently resists microbiological growth.

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