Don't Touch The Door Handle

Ever wonder if the person using the bathroom before you washed their hands? Research done by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggests there might be more fecal bacteria lingering on public surfaces than you might think.

Don't touch bacteria on door handles and other public surfaces

During the study, participants were either taken to a popular museum or asked to ride a bus or subway.  They were then asked to deliberately wipe their hands across popular hand contact sites such as door handles and hand rails.  After testing it was concluded that almost half of the participants had some sort of fecal bacteria on their hands after exposure to the public surfaces.

Studies show fecal bacteria commonly found on door handles and other public surfaces

Their studies also concluded that bacterial contamination is significantly reduced by proper hand washing, but with an estimated 66 percent of Americans admitting to skipping out when it comes to this basic hygienic practice, avoiding bacteria is a matter to take into your own hands...literally.

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