Sanitary Keychain Makes Public Restrooms & Bathrooms Touch Free!

This little device is made of soft, flexible silicone and it does a great job at making all bathrooms completely touch free. Gone are the days of using your sleeve or shirt to open a dirty public restroom door handle. No longer will you need to carry a little bottle of sanitizer with you. 

We've all been there. After washing your hands in some nice warm, soapy water you reach for a paper towel, only to realize that they don't have any. In place of a comforting paper towel dispenser is a loud, bacteria spreading hand drier. Once you dry your hands, how will you open the door handle on the way out? I've used my sleeve plenty of times, but then I catch my self touching my face and my sleeve brushes across my cheek and I know I just got bathroom door handle mojo on my face. Dang. 

When bathrooms do have paper towels, they usually acknowledge the fact that people use the paper towels to open the door by placing a garbage can right next to the door. When a business doesn't place a trash can next to the door, a small pile of paper towels will start to build up from people using them on the door handle, and then having nowhere to toss them. So, on the floor they go!

Did you know that paper towels are non-recyclable? They're usually made of recyclable material, and it's paper's last stop on the way to the landfill. Besides, people get blow their nose, or get blood from a cut on paper towels. It would be a health hazard to recycle them. 

Next time you're in a public restroom, and you see that one person use the toilet and walk out without washing their hands, have no fear. Your fingers are protected from that door handle they just touched on their way out.

Instead of risking it on a hand drier, or tossing paper towels in the trash, get a reusable Gryp keychain. It's made of bacteria resistant silicone and it's always there when you need it.

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