Love Touch Free Bathroom Door Handles? We Make All Bathroom Door Handles Touch-Free!

Check out this rad video from Genuine Interactive about the different ways people open gross public bathroom door handles and door knobs. Some people use their sleeve to open a door handle, other people are shown using a rubber glove or even calling a friend to open the bathroom door for them. There's always the classic "using a paper towel to open the door" and the precarious foot grab... People like to get creative. The video suggests using Lysol, but for those of you who want a simple chemical-free solution to the dirty door handle dilemma, check out the Gryp here. Our device is made of silicone, which lacks a carbon backbone reducing it's potential as a food source for waterborne germs. Do germs stick to it? Silicone is highly inert, making it nearly impossible for anything to stick to it. The medical, baby care and food industry have all adopted silicone for this reason. What does it all mean? Silicone stays clean after repeated use. It's also safe and easy to wash as often as you'd like. It's safe to sanitize and disinfect to your heart's delight.

I remember the last time that I was in a public restroom and I saw a guy open up a stall door, skip the sink and head straight out of the bathroom. I washed my hands, walked over to the bathroom door, and grabbed the door handle with my pinky finger. There were no paper towels available and I didn't have any options. As soon as I touched the door handle I felt like I needed to wash my hands again immediately. It was disgusting. I'm not ashamed to admit it; I've even rinsed my fingers in the water fountain that was near the door. As the population grows and large cities become more caked in brake dust and other people's kids' grime, the need for a simple solution to interact with public surfaces in a hygienic way increases. And that is why we are offering our small sanitary silicone keychain, rendering all public bathrooms touch-free. Click here to find out more.