Gryp Germaphobic Rubber Keychain Gadget
The Gryp Keychain is a simple device made of bacteria-resistant silicone. It makes everything touch free; door handles, subway straps, bus rails, crosswalk buttons, and everything in between. You don't need to be a germaphobe to avoid touching grime. 
Touch-Free Bathroom Door Handle Opener
The Gryp keychain is the most efficient door handle opener available. It works on everything. As you navigate a big city, a thin barrier of silicone between you and the metropolis can be an oasis. Especially for daily commuting. 
Touch-Free ATM Keypad Rubber Silicone Sanitary Keychain
The Gryp is made of soft, flexible silicone that's inherently resistant to microbiological growth. How? Silicone lacks a carbon backbone, reducing its potential as a food source for waterborne bacteria. Human hands are covered in sweat and oils, the perfect breeding ground for germs. 
Our device is easy to assemble, reversible for lefties, durable, reusable, UV coated, and sized universally. It fits everyone and works on everything. Your keys can slide into it to protect your pants from jagged metal edges, and our soft, flexible silicone won't hook or snag on your pocket when you pull it out.
touch-free bathroom door handle Opener
Our single tab design allows the Pynch feature to be integrated into every Gryp. This added dexterity is perfect for locks, levers, small trash, coins and more. The Gryp can be assembled in two different ways:
a. Three-finger protection with the Pynch feature
b. Two-finger protection with a sleeker profile
touch-Free Bathroom Door Handle Opener assembly instructions
touch-Free Bathroom Door Handle Opener two finger protection 
 touch-Free Bathroom Door Handle Opener three finger protection