Avoid Touching Gross Stuff In Public Restrooms With This Germaphobe's Keychain

We've all been there. Maybe it was a gas station restroom. Or a grocery store bathroom. Possibly it was a subway or bus ride through the city. Bathroom door handles, restroom door knobs, bus straps and subway poles are all known harbors for bacteria, viruses and other germs. Often times, when you're out in public you simply don't have a choice as to whether or not you're going to touch a public surface. 

Stop Touching Gross Stuff Gryp Keychain

Have you ever used your sleeve to avoid touching something gross? Have you ever used a paper towel to open a bathroom door handle? One of my biggest pet peeves is being forced to touch a bathroom door handle with my bare hands right after washing and drying my hands. It's just plain gross.


A simple google search will yield tons of results about the various germs and bacteria/viruses that can be found on the common door handle or public surface. Some metals, like copper, are superb at combatting the spread of disease. However, copper is far more expensive than stainless steel and other metals commonly used as door handles and bus poles.

Our device is made from pure, soft silicone rubber that resists microbiological growth. This is the same reason silicone is used in many medical applications. It's inherently resistant to germs, viruses and bacteria. In fact, silicone rubber is so inert that it resists almost everything. Ink, paint, oils... some of the most difficult stains simply can not stick to silicone rubber. It's also used in the health and wellness industry for it's hypoallergenic and biocompatible properties. This makes it a safe material for baby care products and food contact. What does this all mean? Your Gryp stays clean after repeated use. It's the smart, sanitary solution for all public surfaces. The Gryp makes your world touch-free!

Its chemical stability prevents it from affecting any substrate it is in contact with (skin, water, blood, active ingredients, etc.).[7] -Wikipedia

While the Gryp's main application is in the travel and public transportation sector, it is also a useful tool in other settings as well. Have you ever seen the movie "Office Space"? It's one of my favorites. In one of the scenes, the main character Peter reaches his breaking point and begins eliminating anything annoying from his life. And what is one of his biggest pet peeves? The office door where he works. Why? Static Electricity. Everyday he commutes to a place he doesn't want to go to, to do a job he doesn't want to do, and he's forced to start every shift out by getting shocked by the door handle at the office. So he brings a drill to work and takes the door off it's hinges so he will never be shocked by the handle again. While this scene is from a fictional movie, Mike Judge was onto something that many people experience. Office environments are not only germ infested and often poorly cleaned, they're also generally very dry. This causes static buildup and the metal door handle combined with feet shuffling across carpet is a recipe for a zap. The Gryp is not electrically conductive and will prevent any static shocks. 

Another area that people have found our "germaphobe's keychain" to be effective in is hot climates. In Southern US cities, such as Phoenix or Las Vegas, outside temperatures often times exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like when you get inside your car on a hot day, metal objects retain heat well and can scald your fingers or hands upon contact. In desert city businesses (like gas stations or grocery stores) the handles and knobs get hot hot hot! Some businesses try to combat this problem by duct taping a towel to the door handle or wrapping it in a foam protector. But, this is all at a cost, and applying a layer of insulation to every door handle would be far too tedious. The Gryp "germaphobe's key-chain" is a simple solution to the hot handle issue. Silicone is an excellent insulator and is often used as in baking mats or oven gloves. That means your fingers and hands will stay protected from hot metal handles in desert environments. 

Make the world touch-free and never touch gross stuff again.

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