Germaphobe's Door Opener Keychain

The Gryp is the perfect germaphobe's door opener keychain. You can carry it with you and use it to open doors. This is perfect if you don't like touching door handles. Germaphobes rejoice. Who wants to touch that public bathroom door handle right after washing their hands? Public restrooms are known to be harbors for germs. It's a fact that many people don't wash their hands after using a restroom. They use the same bathroom door handle as you, and transfer any germs to your hands. It kind of defeats the purpose of washing your hands in the first place. That's why this small EDC device works. It allows you to not have to touch dirty bathroom door handles.

Door handle being opened by germaphobe's keychain. Gryp promotes clean hands

The Gryp Door Handle Opener is shaped like a funnel that has an opening at both ends. Two fingers slide into the soft silicone for easy use. The germaphobe's door handle opener key-chain is made of silicone, and works with all types of door handles including circular door knobs. The Gryp Key-chain can open the dirtiest, grossest germ infested door handles and knobs you can find. Once the user's fingers are inside the Gryp, the durable layer of bacteria-resistant silicone keeps germs away. Unlike competitors' hook devices, which break easily with heavy doors, the Gryp supports as much weight as you can pull. 

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When comparing the Gryp Keychain to other devices in the Door Handle Opener market, it's easy to see that it is the most functional device. Starting with the most expensive door-opening devices, the Toepener and StepNpull, we are introduced to the "foot handle" device. These devices are great additions to any public restroom door and are functional and durable. They are not cost effective though, as their prices are above $30. Installing an additional $30 foot handle on each bathroom door in a single high-rise building would be expensive and time-consuming. The Gryp Keychain truly works on all door handles and circular door knobs. It doesn't need to be installed on every single door, but can be brought with the user. It can be used on every door encountered throughout the average day. Another issue with handles like the Footpull is that they easily scuff the user's shoes. They can also cause a user to jam their toe when someone attempts to enter the bathroom as they are using the device to exit.

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The next two products, Kooty Key and Aopun are both "hook-style" door handle openers. These do not work on circular door knobs. They are also ineffective at holding public transportation handles, such as bus straps or subway poles. The hook design allows the device to rake across and slide off any handle it is being used on. The plastic hook has been reported to be easily breakable (with pictures) on their Amazon page. 

While the plastic hooks are breaking, the metal 'germaphobe keychain' design has been cited by users as having "sharp edges" and accidentally getting hooked in pockets.

The Gryp germaphobe Keychain works on all door knobs and door handles, is bacteria resistant, and the perfect addition to any keychain. We think Kooty Key is on to something with their "glow-in-the-dark" color and we will consider incorporating this element into our design if our customers demand it.

The Gryp Keychain is the best pocket-sized germaphobe's keychain on the market. With it's sleek, antibacterial silicone material and functional design, there just isn't anything like it. So stop touching dirty door handles and dirty door knobs! Dirty door handles are harbors for bacteria, viruses and many other germs. Most people don't want to touch dirty door handles and open a gross door handle using a paper towel, or a sleeve. We've seen people use their feet to open gross door handles.

That's why we are proud to offer you the Gryp Germaphobe's Keychain; a hygienic device that allows you to open door handles without touching them. Keep your hands clean and make the whole world touch-free! So go ahead, get a firm Gryp on that filthy seven-eleven bathroom door handle and twist with confidence knowing that your fingers are protected from bacteria, viruses and other nasty germs that may be lurking on that disgusting doorknob. Feel peachy keen knowing your hands are clean! Don't be fooled by imitators, the Gryp is the original silicone door handle opener.

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