How To Open A Bathroom Door Handle Without Touching It

Do you like to keep your hands clean? The Gryp is the solution to unclean public surfaces like bathroom door handles, subway straps, bus poles and other commonly touched items.


"When I travel through any city, I don't need a Gryp to survive, but it always feels like my own personal oasis of cleanliness."

Daily commuters that utilize rapid transit systems in large metropolitan areas know the struggle more than anyone else. When we came up with the idea for the Gryp Keychain, we were riding the subway through the heart of Seoul, South Korea. There were plenty of signs warning people about the germs present on the handles and hand-poles, and I immediately noticed a large amount of people wearing surgical masks for protection. 

I've avoided touching bathroom door handles my entire life, often using a paper towel or sleeve to avoid touching the door handle. If neither were available, I would use my pinky on the least-likely-to-be-touched area of the door handle. Now I was in a large metropolitan city, and seeing public warnings and visual cues all around me kept reminding me of the issue. 

Besides the germs, viruses and bacteria, door handles, door knobs and everything in between will be caked in an invisible layer of brake dust and grime. When I travel through any city, I don't need a Gryp to survive, but it always feels like my own personal oasis of cleanliness. I just slip my fingers in, hold my keys firmly in my hand, and happily grab nasty things. I give it a good scrub every few days to keep it squeaky clean. 

No matter what the Gryp touches, I know it can be easily washed or sanitized. I also know that whatever it touches probably won't be able to stick to the silicone. Why? Because silicone is highly inert, making it nearly impossible for anything to stick to it. Also, silicone's lack of a carbon backbone reduces it's potential as a food source for waterborne bacteria. That means it's much more difficult for germs to live on the smooth silicone than oily, sweaty hands. 

The Gryp Touch-Free Hygienic Keychain allows anyone with two fingers to open any door handle without touching it, it's as simple as that. It may sound like magic at first, but you too can open door handles without touching them. All it takes is a few bucks. 

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