Good Clean Fun
We're working hard to make our contribution to the world around us.
Here are a few things we've been doing behind the scenes to make sure the Gryp has a positive impact.
When you order a Gryp, we use bicycle power to get your order to the nearest Post Office. Instead of burning gas in a vehicle, we push pedals and get some fresh air. When we get big orders, we walk the boxes over. We're dedicated to using human-powered transportation whenever possible.
For the first year, we tried to sell the Gryp without packaging. We made custom stands out of wood and put them in retail stores around San Diego. When we shipped orders to customers, we sent a simple envelope containing raw Gryps. It wasn't very pretty, but we felt good about it. As our business grew and things like barcodes became necessary, our packaging evolved into what it is today. We offer multipacks to reduce our packaging waste and strive to continually reduce our footprint. We kindly ask that you recycle your Gryp packaging :)
Did you know paper towels are non-recyclable? They're the end-of-the-line for paper products. People use paper towels to open bathroom door handles; it's no secret. As bathrooms switch to energy-efficient hand driers, options are becoming limited. Instead of using a tissue or disposable rubber glove, we challenge ourselves to reduce our waste and work to overcome our phobias. With a reusable Gryp, we offer an alternative to single-use options and 99.99% germ-free chemicals. You don't have to be a germaphobe to maintain clean hands. Together we can make the world a cleaner place. 
The Secret Symbols
In a humble salute to rabbit's foot keychains, Dr. Bronner's Soap and a whole bunch of folklore, we packaged our first 11,000 Gryps with a set of positive symbols from around the world. 12 symbols are printed on a hidden spot within each package; only to be found when opened. The symbols are followed by a list of words meant to spread lofty ideals and positive intentions. When you open up your Gryp, you'll find our happy little note tucked away inside. We hope that it puts a smile on your face or reminds you of something good. Thank you for joining us in making the world a cleaner place :)