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Gryp Keychain Germaphobe's Keychain Opens Doors Without Touching Anything

"Gryp: A Germaphobe's Key-chain, Open Doors Without Touching Anything"


Are you a germaphobe? Can't stand touching doorknobs? What about subway straps, or bus poles? I can't say I blame you. The world is full of some nasty germs and other stuff that can make you sick. Heck, I say being cautious about what you touch just makes sense. No one wants to be down for the count with some killer flu, and feeling terrible for a week. It's okay, though. Just get a Gryp. The Gryp is a germaphobe's key-chain. Now you can conveniently open doors and interact with other things without touching them. 
In its basic form, the Gryp is just a slab of silicone, but it's made with not only a key-chain attachment hole, but it also has a place to wrap it into a circle and attach it to itself so that you can easily have a place to hold onto things, touch buttons, and hold straps without ever having to actually touch it with your skin. 
The Gryp germaphobe key-chain is the most versatile sanitary door handle opener you can buy. That's because the Gryp works on all surfaces including: Bathroom door handles, subway straps, bus poles and much more. Your city is now touch-free as far as you're concerned. You're covered, literally!
The fact that it's also a key-chain is just a nice bonus. This way you'll always have a germ guard in your pocket, or in your purse that you can take out and use when needed. 
The next time someone laughs at you for not touching a door handle and tells you to get a grip, tell them you already got one. Then laugh at them for having a runny nose and a cough. 
The Gryp germaphobe key-chain comes in several different colors to choose from, is made from silicone, and is super sleek and compact.
Date Published: 10/02/2017 9:25 AM
Germaphobe's Door Handle Opener Keychain
"Gryp Adds A Finger Sleeve To Your Keychain EDC Gear"
You don’t have to be a germaphobe to feel a little iffy about touching public stuff. You know, the handrails in the train, the door handles at the comfort room, and the elevator buttons at the hospital. It is kind of gross when you think about it, after all. While you can wear gloves to keep from interacting with potentially-infected objects, the Gryp offers a more minimalist alternative.
A germ-resistant silicone sleeve, the contraption can be wrapped around three fingers, allowing you to cover your fingers every time you grab a door handle, hang onto a rail, or touch any other item that everyone else’s filthy hands have also been touching all day. Whether you’re an actual germophobe or just a guy who wants to act like one on occasion (like when you’re in a hospital or something), this thing lets you do that without needing to have a full-sized glove in tow.
Gryp is a small sleeve that can be folded into a cone-shaped tool that you can use to cover up to three fingers, with an adjustable tab closure for accommodating different finger sizes. It’s made from a flexible silicone material that will allow you to bend your fingers freely, all while having a soft texture for excellent comfort during use. The silicone has been treated for germ-resistant qualities, so you won’t just end up transferring germs from whatever you touched to the sleeve in your pocket.
A hole in a corner of the sleeve allows you to hook it up to your keychain, so it can sit there with your Pocket SamuraiTiltpod Mobile, and other small EDC gear. It comes in four bright colors, by the way, to ensure you can easily find it in any drawer, bag, or pocket you slipped it in.
SEPTEMBER 26, 2017
This is why im broke germaphobes keychain
"The Germaphobe's Keychain" 
Cut down on your total daily hand washes by keeping your fingers from touching germ-infested public property with the germaphobe’s keychain. It allows you to quickly slip your fingers inside and avoid having to touch disgusting things like door handles and bus poles. 
Trendhunter Germ Resistant Silicone Keychains Gryp
"Germ-Resistant Silicone Keychains"
The 'Gryp' keychain is designed with health in mind to prevent you from picking up germs from door handles, ATMs, doorknobs or any surfaces out in the world that others touch as well. Crafted from durable and germ-resistant silicone, the keychains are ideal for keeping on hand to ensure that you don't have to directly touch items. This is achieved by incorporating an ergonomic design that is perfectly suited for slipping onto your fingers when you're about to encounter something that is likely laden with other people's germs.

Concerns about personal health and hygiene has many consumers looking for ways to avoid unnecessary contact with germs whenever possible. The 'Gryp' keychain is an example of this that are inexpensively priced at $3 a piece or in packs of four for $9.
 - Sep 22, 2017 
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Dude I Want That The Germaphobe's Keychain
"The Germaphobe's Keychain"
Germophobes and Purell addicts, get a Gryp. Bacteria and micro-organisms are breeding, spreading, festering everywhere. You can't escape them! But with a solid Gryp on this reality, you can relax, go out into the world prepared and calm. And armed with the little silicone keychain that's going to protect you from them all.
Flexible, protective Gryps are slices of UV-coated, dust- and germ-resistant silicone you can roll and latch into a cone, and slip over your fingers when you have to touch something dirty and gross. Like public bathroom toilet and door handles. And the straps on buses and subways. And the credit card machines and their plastic pens at store checkouts. And ATMs. And elevator buttons. And anything on an airplane.
Gryp says, "Save your sleeve," slip a Gryp onto your keys.
The Gryp spirals into itself and closes with a tap, which pivots to fit most finger sizes. Since it's made of silicone it also provides friction if you need to use the sani-tool to work open a doorknob. Put the Gryp together backwards, and you can use its little flap end as a Pynch, to pick up small objects, such as coins.
Gryp Keychains come in 4 bright colors so that germophobes who tend to have trouble finding their keys are covered too.
By:  Erin Carstens on September 23, 2017
The ultimate everyday carry for germaphobes keychain
Keychain Gryp
The ultimate everyday carry for germaphobes, the Gryp is a germ-resistant silicone sleeve that attaches to your keyring and allows you to use your fingertips to grip doorknobs, hold handles, push ATM machines, and use other public things without touching them directly.
Design for Germaphobes Core77
"Design for Germaphobes: With a Gryp Keychain, You Don't Have to Touch Anything in Public"
Mixed feelings on this product: On the one hand, I feel we should be exposed to a certain amount of germs, in order to keep our immune systems up to snuff. On the other hand, I've seen a child sneeze into his hand, then grab the subway pole without wiping his hand off first. I've also seen plenty of grown-ass men walking out of a public restroom without washing their hands, touching the doorknob on the way out. And that's just plain gross.
For the germophobes among you, the product in question is the Gryp Keychain. It is an admittedly clever use of materials, since silicone, which it's made of, is naturally bacteria-resistant. By simply putting it on a keychain to ensure it's always on hand, the designers have created a simple product that I think a lot of people will pony up $2.99 to buy.
BY RAIN NOE - SEP 22 2017
 Gryp Germaphobe Keychain
"Gryp Germaphobe Keychain"
Someone give these people a medal. They have given all of us the solution to so many problems in an average day in our society. You have to touch so many things that so many other people have touched. Bathroom doors. Handrails. Subway straps. ATM keypads. There’s no amount of sanitizer that can handle all of that. In steps the Gryp. It’s a little finger cover that attaches to your keychain and lets you one hand grab all of those things and more without coming into direct contact with them. Thank you. Thank you. It’s just $3 and available immediately on their website. -
The Boring Portal Germaphobic Keychain Gadget
"Gryp Keychain"
A simple device made of bacteria resistant silicone used to reduce contact with everyday public surfaces. Gryp Keychain allows you to use subway straps, bus rails, door handles, cross-walk buttons and more without having to touch them.
"Finger guard"
Think about it too closely, and you might be completely grossed out by the notion of touching things that hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have touched. It isn't just germaphobes who should be conscious of dirty and bacteria-filled surfaces, so to give yourself a bit of protection get a Gryp Keychain: a germ-resistant finger guard that hangs on your keys.
Although this makes total sense, being a barrier between your skin and dirty surfaces, does it not mean mean that the Gryp itself will become covered in germs over time, gestating them in your pocket and bag? Just how germ-resistant is the material? Still, even if you use it only in the most drastic of situations (like God-awful toilets in a train station or something) it might be worth it.
-The Test Pit. 25 September 2017
Fun is Fun
 Gryp Keychain: Protect Yourself from the World’s Germs
The Gryp Keychain is perfect for any germaphobe out there! It covers your finger whenever you hold onto something, protecting you from any germs.
It works on all surfaces, including bathroom door handles, port-a-potty handles, bus straps and bars, and pens!
Simply fold it to your desired cone size—that’s it!
Because silicone does not support microbiological growth, you can be confident knowing you’re protected.
Design for Germaphobes Keychain Gadget
See: Core77

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Gryp Keychain Germaphobic Gadget Door Handle Opener


GeekTime Gryp Keychain
"גאדג’טים שיגרמו לכם לומר: Shut up and take my money"
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אם גם אתם סובלים מפוביה מלכלוך ברמה כזו או אחרת, יש מצב שהמוצר הבא ישנה לכם את החיים; עד שכל החפצים סביבנו יהפכו להיות נטולי מגע, Gryp מבטיח להגן עליכם מפני ידיות דלתות, מעקות ורצועות האחיזה באוטובוס וברכבות. המוצר הקומפקטי הזה מתלבש על האצבע שלכם ו”יספוג” את מיליארדי החיידקים והזיהומים בשבילכם, כדי שלא תצטרכו לזהם את שרוול החולצה (קצת בעייתי בקיץ).  הוא עשוי מסיליקון רך וגמיש, מה שאומר שתוכלו כמובן לטהר אותו בקלות לאחר השימוש. כמו כן ניתן לחבר אותו למחזיק המפתחות שלכם כדי שתוכלו לשלוף אותו בכל רגע נתון.

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 AshMart Gryp Keychain

Introduction of Gryp Keychain

いやね、私も思いますよ。「そこまでする?」とか、「除菌シート使えば?」とか。でもそれは、極度の綺麗好きや潔癖症ではないから言えること。きっと彼らにとって、こんなに使い勝手のいい相棒は他にいないと思うんです。 Gryp』という、シリコン製の指スリーブ。ここに指を2本(3本でも可)をスッと差し込んだら、もう完璧。日常の触りたくなかったあれやこれ、ストレスとはさようならってワケです! 指先は出ているので、スマホは普通に使えます。この気遣いはイイ!って不覚にも思ってしまいました。私だけでしょうか。で、問題はこの『Gryp』を使った後ですよね。1日中、汚い場所を代わりに触ってくれていたのだから、ポッケや鞄にしまうのも……って思う人もいるかもしれません。(いないかもしれません)汚い面はひっくり返せるので、ご心配なく。
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